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Before you faint in awe, let me give you a brief rundown of who we are before you faint in awe! We make it our prime focus to enable dreamers like yourself to keep them going.

Bringing every cricket fan in the world into the same fantasy realm is our mission and in order to accomplish it, we have crossed every eerie encounter.


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Thousands of players play online fantasy cricket games at once. Our fair-play gaming policies prevent conspiracy and fraud.


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Our tech support team is available around the clock to assist with any issues users might encounter while using the portal.


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Our players can pay with debit cards, credit cards and net banking and they can also withdraw winnings to their bank accounts instantly.

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A dead bat is used to describe when the bat is held with a light grip; the ball loses momentum and falls to the ground.


A back spin is also called an underspin. A backwards pitched ball skids on the batsman, bounces lower or slows down.


It is the tactic used by batsmen to avoid attacking and by doing so, not to risk losing his wicket by scoring runs frequently.


If the umpire sees a bowler holding one arm horizontally, then it's an illegal delivery. After each no-ball, batting teams score 1 to 2 runs.


A hat-trick occurs when a bowler dismisses three batsmen in a row. In tests, wickets can also be won by bowlers over or an innings apart.


In a maiden over, no runs can be taken against the bowler. In addition, even when a bye or leg-bye is scored, they count as a maiden.




Abhi Roy

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It's funny, I love fantasy sports, but I never tried fantasy cricket because I was dubious about its authenticity. This Powerplayer made me more confident, so I use it now and sometimes win.


Kabir Singh

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It's fun bringing live cricket to fans' houses. My friends and I love playing fantasy cricket on this website since it's convenient and authentic.


Priya Dey

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Powerplayer gives high priority to the user experience, which is one of the best things about their (app/website) for fantasy cricket.


Sweety Das

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It has kept me entertained and engaged for over six months now. My favourite part is how it keeps me entertained by giving me tips and helping me win.


Raj Sekhar

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Powerplayer is one of the most authentic and user-friendly fantasy cricket apps available. I referred my friends to you because I found you easy to deal with. We all use it daily.


Dristi Neog

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Since I began playing here, I've learned a lot. One of the most incredible things about them is that they host leaderboard tournaments. You can use the interface easily. Customer support is great.

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Walk, run, leap, crawl, but at all costs get into this realm where you can meet people as fun and excited as yourself. Open up the Pandora's box of fun by downloading the app.


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How do I select my team(s)?

After you have registered, you need to select 'Add Team' from the left menu to see what competitions are available. Select the match you want and select the team according to your budget.

Do I need to select a Captain?

If you select your captain correctly (remember to account for 3X losing points too), unlike in real cricket, you are choosing your captain on a gut feeling instead of real leadership skills.

What information can I update?

Of course. When you log in to your account, you will have the option to edit your profile information, such as name, email, etc., once you have selected the modify user details link.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

Your registration email will contain instructions on how you can retrieve your username and password. You will be able to recover your username and your team's password.

Where can I withdraw my winnings?

Your winnings can be withdrawn and redeemed directly into your bank account or e-wallet for real cash. For legal withdrawals on the best fantasy game website, your account must be KYC verified.

Can I switch teams before or after a match?

Yes, it is possible to edit/change the composition of your team at any time before the match starts. However, as soon as the match starts, the teams are frozen and cannot be changed.

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